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    Simple SOAP/HTTP invocation with Camel

    Renaud Denis Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I've got this simple thing I'm struggling with using FUSE ESB 4 (Camel 2.2).


      On one end, I've got a web service exposing an operation "consume".


      On the other end, I've got a Camel route, where I receive a message, transform and enrich it.


      I would like to wrap the message, as is, into a soap envelope and send it trough the web service operation described above.


      To do it:


      • I would like to not care about SOAP, so I expect the system to wrap my XML message into the SOAP envelope just by specifying the web service and the operation name

      • I would like to do it using a Camel endpoint if possible (not using a servicemix component to do so)


      How do I define my endpoint uri? Something like




      ... would be perfectly nice to me