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    MessageConsumer and close() = hangs

    lexx Newbie

      Hello all,


      We have several JMS-driven standalone 24x7 applications used with FUSE Message Broker


      All of applications works fine, except one - periodically it stops receiving new messages. This "stop" has very strange nature - no logs, no errors - nothing. After that "silent stop" we usually restarts this application and it always hang's on method consumer.close() - then we just kill the JVM-process.


      This problematic application has one distinctive feature - it is the leader among all our JMS-driven applications on the number of produced/consumed JMS-messages.

      Currenly this application "lives" 2-3 days, others - months.


      Can anybody helps to find source of this strange behaviour?


      All our JMS-applications use this JMS-specific options:

      - Message listeners with AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE (default onMessage)

      - transport type - tcp

      - wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration = 0

      - soTimeout = 0