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    Problems getting FID to run...

    Craig King Newbie

      I have tried to get FID running on various platforms using the standalone as well as the eclipse plugin approach without success.


      Ubuntu 9.10 standalone w/ sun java 6: I get a blank dialog

      Fedora 12 w/ sun java 6: I get an error "Cannot execute java in the stack"

      Windows XP with sun java 6:  The standalone version starts, but I can't make any progress... When using Camel Routes, the IDE complains that the Spring namespace cannot be resolved. -- Looks to be a version mismatch between required and available jars.

      Mac OS X w/ java 6 using plugins:  The dependencies on download cannot be resolved.  The fuse plugin wants an older version of the spring framework, but something else in the dependency path wants a newer version.


      It looks to me like FID is just out of date with respect to current technology.


      Does anyone have FID running with Java 6?  Is this just a matter waiting until the new version is released?  If so... will that version run on java 6/7?  How much longer do we have to wait?