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    [FUSE4.2] OSGi and unit testing or Camel routes

    Olivier Roger Newbie

      Hello Fuse,


      I am currently writing unit test for camel routes.

      However, I get this error when I run the tests:





      The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found for element 'osgi:camelContext'.


      removing the osgi namespace solve the problem but prevent the bundle to be deployed in FUSE ESB.


      What is the common way to write camel unit test for bundles having OSGi features?


      Thanks for your help,


      I copied here under the source code of the problematic file:




                <endpoint id="inbox" uri="${inbox.protocol}$" />

                <endpoint id="outbox" uri="${outbox.protocol}$" />

                <endpoint id="error" uri="${error.protocol}$" />




                               Workaround for validation, transform the body to String as explained in