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    Quality of service

    Cesare Bellini Newbie

      I have a problem to config routing to avoid loss of message in the case of JVM crash or server down.

      I have configured persistence with jdbc and now if servermix fall down, messages stay on DB.

      The problem is when I have a pending message in a "activemq:topic": this message continue to be delivery at an external endpoint (with the mechanism of the Dead Letter Queue), for example because the exernal server is down, and suddenly JVM crash!! I have this message in the database, but if servicemix restart, it NOT redeliver the message!!


      I have configurated the route in this way:


              <route errorHandlerRef="errorHandler">

                  <from uri="activemq:topic:coda1?clientId=CamelCoda1t&amp;durableSubscriptionName=TopicReader1" />

      +          +

              <property name="maximumRedeliveries" value="-1"/>

      +     </bean>+



      Can anyone help me to understand how redeliver the message???