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    CXF - Soap12FaultOutInterceptor - SOAP Fault  reason text lang

    jc Souvignet Newbie



      I am trying CXF 2.2.7.


      I have read the content of Soap12FaultOutInterceptor.java an try to understand how work this interceptor when a soap fault is thrown.


      The reason text have a lang attribute whitch value is result of getLangCode().

      the method content is :


              private String getLangCode() {       

                  String code = LOG.getResourceBundle().getLocale().getLanguage();

                  if (StringUtils.isEmpty(code)) {

                      return "en";


                  return code;




      How can I set up LOG.getResourceBundle().getLocale().getLanguage() to a language. By default it's empty and the result is en ?


      Thanks in advance for yours answers.


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