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    FileNotFoundException: /tmp/camel-tmp

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      I have a problem which occurs regularly on my FUSE ESB (3.4). This is a Camel exception (using 1.6.2), which apparently has something do to with streaming cache. Following advice that I've found on the internet, I've disabled stream caching (streamCaching="false"), however the exception still occurs. See the exception message and my route definition below.


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      Error processing exchange InOnly[

        id: ID:

        status: Active

        role: provider

        service: my-service

        endpoint: on-incoming

        in: Unable to display: java.io.IOException: Bad file descriptor ]


      org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /tmp/camel-tmp-901095/cos6508449192067073075.tmp (No such file or directory)

           at org.apache.camel.converter.stream.FileInputStreamCache.reset(FileInputStreamCache.java:52)




      <camel:route errorHandlerRef="inputErrorHandler" streamCaching="false">

           <camel:from uri="jbi:endpoint:urn:com.mydomain.middleware:my-service:on-incoming" />