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    Send original request to second endpoint depending on response

    Danny Kruitbosch Newbie



      I have the following camel route:


      soap client -> consumer-bc -> camel-route -> provider-bc -> real service

      This works OK. And I'm using spring DSL (no java routes)

      Upon completion of this route I want to test the output of the real service (using xpath) and if it contains the specified xpath, then send the original request to a queue. I can send the request to a queue by using onCompletion in my route


      If I use a filter with xpath, it seems not possible to test the response and and send the request. Although the whole exchange is available, using  does...


      Any ideas how to solve this, without having to use java?

      The camel docs on xpath mention variables like 'in.body' and 'out.body', but how do I use these in a xpath (or xquery) expression.