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    no declaration can be found for element 'cxfbc:consumer'

    Fernando Salceda Novice

      After restarting servicemix I got the folowing exception... dont know why. Any feature left perhaps?


      16:07:58,528 | ERROR | xtenderThread-62 | ContextLoaderListener            | BundleApplicationContextListener   50 | Application context refresh failed (OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext(bundle=com.andago.examples.routing-consumer-bc, config=osgibundle:/META-INF/spring/*.xml))

      org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionStoreException: Line 39 in XML document from URL bundleentry://181.fwk6393126/META-INF/spring/beans.xml is invalid; nested exception is org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.c: The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found for element 'cxfbc:consumer'.



      It has happen also the same with my provide. couldnt find <cxfbc:provider> element.


      I tried to reinstall a clean "apache-servicemix-4.2.0-fuse-01-00"  and reinstalling my bundles but nothing changed.


      Anybody could help me please?



      -> My installed features are:


      State         Version                Name                                 Repository

      spring                               karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      spring-dm                            karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      wrapper                              karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      obr                                  karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      http                                 karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      war                                  karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      webconsole                           karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      ssh                                  karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      management                           karaf-1.4.0-fuse-01-00

      naming                               repo-0

      transaction                          repo-0

      document                             repo-0

      nmr                                  repo-0

      nmr-audit                            repo-0

      jbi                                  repo-0

      jbi-cluster                          repo-0

      examples-nmr                         repo-0

      ode                                  repo-0

      camel                                repo-0

      camel-core                           repo-0

      camel-spring-osgi                    repo-0

      camel-spring                         repo-0

      camel-osgi                           repo-0

      camel-test                           repo-0

      camel-cxf                            repo-0

      camel-cache                          repo-0

      camel-castor                         repo-0

      camel-dozer                          repo-0

      camel-http                           repo-0

      camel-mina                           repo-0

      camel-jetty                          repo-0

      camel-servlet                        repo-0

      camel-jms                            repo-0

      camel-amqp                           repo-0

      camel-atom                           repo-0

      camel-bam                            repo-0

      camel-bindy                          repo-0

      camel-cometd                         repo-0

      camel-csv                            repo-0

      camel-flatpack                       repo-0

      camel-freemarker                     repo-0

      camel-ftp                            repo-0

      camel-guice                          repo-0

      camel-groovy                         repo-0

      camel-hl7                            repo-0

      camel-ibatis                         repo-0

      camel-irc                            repo-0

      camel-jaxb                           repo-0

      camel-jcr                            repo-0

      camel-jing                           repo-0

      camel-jdbc                           repo-0

      camel-josql                          repo-0

      camel-jpa                            repo-0

      camel-jxpath                         repo-0

      camel-juel                           repo-0

      camel-ldap                           repo-0

      camel-mail                           repo-0

      camel-msv                            repo-0

      camel-mvel                           repo-0

      camel-ognl                           repo-0

      camel-printer                        repo-0

      camel-protobuf                       repo-0

      camel-quartz                         repo-0

      camel-restlet                        repo-0

      camel-rmi                            repo-0

      camel-rss                            repo-0

      camel-saxon                          repo-0

      camel-scala                          repo-0

      camel-script                         repo-0

      camel-smpp                           repo-0

      camel-snmp                           repo-0

      camel-spring-integration             repo-0

      camel-sql                            repo-0

      camel-stream                         repo-0

      camel-string-template                repo-0

      camel-tagsoup                        repo-0

      camel-velocity                       repo-0

      camel-xmlbeans                       repo-0

      camel-xmlsecurity                    repo-0

      camel-xmpp                           repo-0

      camel-xstream                        repo-0

      connector                            repo-0

      web-core                             repo-0

      web                                  repo-0

      activemq                             repo-0

      cxf                                  repo-0

      cxf-osgi                             repo-0

      cxf-jaxrs                            repo-0

      cxf-nmr                              repo-0

      camel-nmr                            repo-0

      camel-activemq                       repo-0

      examples-cxf-osgi                    repo-0

      examples-cxf-jaxrs                   repo-0

      examples-cxf-nmr                     repo-0

      examples-camel-osgi                  repo-0

      examples-camel-nmr                   repo-0

      examples-cxf-camel-nmr               repo-0

      examples-cxf-ws-addressing           repo-0

      examples-cxf-wsdl-first-osgi-package repo-0

      examples-cxf-ws-security-osgi        repo-0

      jpa-hibernate                        repo-0

      examples-jpa-osgi                    repo-0

      servicemix-shared                    repo-0

      servicemix-cxf-bc                    repo-0

      servicemix-file                      repo-0

      servicemix-ftp                       repo-0

      servicemix-http                      repo-0

      servicemix-jms                       repo-0

      servicemix-mail                      repo-0

      servicemix-bean                      repo-0

      servicemix-camel                     repo-0

      servicemix-drools                    repo-0

      servicemix-cxf-se                    repo-0

      servicemix-eip                       repo-0

      servicemix-osworkflow                repo-0

      servicemix-quartz                    repo-0

      servicemix-scripting                 repo-0

      servicemix-validation                repo-0

      servicemix-saxon                     repo-0

      servicemix-wsn2005                   repo-0

      activemq-broker                      repo-0