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    Start ESB as background

    George Petrakis Newbie

      Hello again,


      When I am trying to start ESB using servicemix command as abackround I see that the web console does not start.


      What I do is:


      servicemix server &

      I see that the process is up, I get my console  but http://localhost:8181/system/console is down.


      When I use just servicemix and enters me in karaf@root console then web console starts normally. In this way I do not have access in my server console.


      When I use servicemix server although webcosnole starts but I do not get service mix as a background, actually it stacks as

      -bash-3.00$ servicemix server

      without giving me my server console.


      Why this happens? Don't I have the option to start servicemix as a background? if yes how can I do this?


      Thanks in advance


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