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    SNMP V2 in JBoss 5

    Dhiren Tailor Newbie

      I have not seen any good documentation or examples on any message boards on how to achieve this.

      I am trying to send traps in SNMP V2c from JBoss. I understand that after changing managers.xml to send out in version 2, the traps should be sent out in V2c.

      On my receiving end I'm running an snmpd daemon, and I get the following in my log: "Cannot find TrapOID in TRAP2 PDU"

      I believe the main reason for this is that the Trap from JBoss is missing the "snmpTrapOID" field.

      I haven't found any good documentation or forum posting on how to resolve this. However, according to the link below, it looks like notifications.xml needs to be modified:

      Has anyone been able to get this working? If so, a sample of any affected configuration files would be great!