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    External access to Fuse

    Alex T Newbie

      Forgive me if this issue is not related to Fuse but I'm totally stuck with this and don't have any idea why it's not working. I have Windows 7 on my laptop. I'm starting VMware with Red Hat Linux 5. From Red Hat Linux I'm starting Fuse where I deployed my very simple service. Inside VMware I can access service wsdl by going to url:



      or by     http://rhe3:9090/cxf/visitorService?wsdl


      and I can see wsdl but when I try to access url http://rhe3:9090/cxf/visitorService?wsdl from my windows environment I get "IE cannot display this page". Port 9090 is opened on Red Hat Linux firewall and host rhe3 is defined in Windows hosts file. To troubleshoot this I even installed Tomcat on the same Red Hat Linux VMware and configured it for port 9090 and I can access it from windows with no problems but for some reason I can't access Fuse service on port 9090 from my windows environment. Is there something which has to be done to access Fuse on port 9090 from outside world?


      Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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