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    reconnect WAS 6.1

    Domenic DiTano Newbie

      I am using Apache CXF along with Websphere 6.1 - this is more of a

      WAS specific question, but I was hoping some one here may have run across

      this before. I am deploying web services that use Soap/JMS and in this case

      all the JMS resources are deployed locally, but can also be deployed

      remotely. The JMS resources are all deployed using the Service Integration

      Bus on WAS 6.1. The JMS resources are a connection factory, request queue,

      and response topic. My question is that if the Service Integration Bus on

      WAS is stopped and then restarted - should the reconnectOnException

      reestablish connections for all the endpoints? Currently, our services are

      not reconnecting. I have gotten the reconnectOnException to work using

      other application servers, but for some reason it is not working on WAS 6.1

      and I am pretty sure it is because of the Service Integration Bus on WAS.


      Attaching my jmsconfig: