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    FUSE ESB 4.1

    George Petrakis Newbie

      Hello all,


      I had installed 4.2 on my machine (Solaris) and now I had to change the versio to 4.1.


      What I see now is that:

      1) there are no start script under /bin as in vesrion 4.2. How can I start servicemix in background mode (I used to do it in 4.2 using the "start" script.


      2) When tryng to install webconsole and I give the following command from smx@root:/> features:install webcosnole I receive the following error:


      "ERROR CommandLineExecutionFailed: org.apache.geronimo.gshell.registry.NoSuchCommandException: features:install

      smx@root:/> features/install webconsole"


      Why is that?


      Thank you in advance