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    Persistence options for reliable vs fast messaging

    slloyd Newbie

      I am a bit confused about where exactly I should be specifying options for persistence of JMS messages. I know that I can specify persistence at the broker level (setPersistent(boolean)), but when using the Camel AMQ component, I also have access to a setDeliveryPersistent(boolean) method on the component itself. Given that I can have multiple components for a single broker, the implication is that I could have one component for persistent/reliable messaging, and another for performant/non-persistent messaging, all via the one broker. Which begs the question: am I able to specify persistence at other levels of granularity, eg at the destination or message level? If yes, how is this typically done? I am trying to figure out how best to configure my broker(s) (and Camel JMS components) in order to achieve the mix of persistence/reliability and speed that my application requires.

      If anyone could point to me to any sample code for any of this stuff, that would be much appreciated.