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    route jms messages using two brokers

    javier posado Newbie



      I want to use a route using camel in FUSE ESB 4.2 to poll messages from an activeMq broker A (external) to an activeMa broker B ( local in the ESB). According http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.2/eip_transactions/TxnManagers-Impls.html and http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.2/eip_transactions/TxnDemarcation-ByEndpoints.html need XA. So, I've created my route.xml:





      is it the right way to route messages from different brokers? is there any other way?


      thx in advance



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          Gert Vanthienen Novice



          Adding an explicit route to forward the message should work fine -- another option you might want to consider is to set up a network of brokers between your local, embedded broker and the remote broker instance.


          That way, ActiveMQ itself will take care of storing and forwarding messages, allowing you to send and receive messages to the local broker and get them forwarded to/from the remote broker automatically (either for all destinations or for the ones you configure).