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    Ode - Bpel - loanBroker example

    Fernando Salceda Novice

      I've installed and runned loanBroker example. Now, I'm trying to understand how it works. It's a bit difficult to follow where faults are thrown.


      There are fault messages declared in wsdls.


      There are 2 types of faults: "InvalidSSN" and "UnkownSSN", that are catched in the loanbroker.bpel


      And there is a line:


      ".otherwise().setFaultBody(constant("")); "


      in "CreditAgencyRouteBuilder" of "loan-broker-camel-su" project that generates a fault message. Which fault type will be catched in this case?


      I can't see any other stuff related with faults. Where are InvalidSSN and UnkownSSN faults thrown?


      Help would be appreciated!