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    help with payments-web-service example

    dark cloud Newbie



      I followed exact instructions to create pojo and deployed as osgi bundle to esb4.2.0 and it worked. but now i m trying to install payments-web-service to fuse esb, after a few tries, i can successfully deployed to esb4.2. but when I tried to start the bundle. "osgi:start ###", the bundle failed to start and got the following exception from the log.



      org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextException: Application context initialization for 'com.progress.pso.payments-web-service' has timed out

              at org.springframework.osgi.extender.internal.dependencies.startup.DependencyWaiterApplicationContextExecutor.timeout(DependencyWaiterApplicationCont


              at org.springframework.osgi.extender.internal.dependencies.startup.DependencyWaiterApplicationContextExecutor.access$000(DependencyWaiterApplicationC


              at org.springframework.osgi.extender.internal.dependencies.startup.DependencyWaiterApplicationContextExecutor$WatchDogTask.run(DependencyWaiterApplic


              at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:512)

              at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:462)



      please help me. i am very new to fuse and osgi bundles. here is my context-bundle, sorry for the mess. thanks a lot







           <!<ctx:property-placeholder properties-ref="cmProps" />>


           <jaxws:endpoint id="helloWorld" implementor="#paymentsImpl"

                address="http://localhost:8082/Payments" />

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          Fernando Salceda Novice

          Did you installed cxf features?

          Use "features:list", to see what features you have installed. You probbably haven't installed any cxf component, dependency from service.

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            dark cloud Newbie

            hi thanks for reply,


            features:list | grep cxf  returns:

            \installed  \ \2.2.6-fuse-01-00    \ cxf                                  repo-0

            \installed  \ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ cxf-osgi                             repo-0

            \installed  \ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ cxf-jaxrs                            repo-0

            \installed  \ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ cxf-nmr                              repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-osgi                    repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-jaxrs                   repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-nmr                     repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-camel-nmr               repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-ws-addressing           repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-wsdl-first-osgi-package repo-0

            \uninstalled\ \4.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ examples-cxf-ws-security-osgi        repo-0

            \installed  \ \2010.01.0-fuse-01-00\ servicemix-cxf-bc                    repo-0

            \installed  \ \2010.01.0-fuse-01-00\ servicemix-cxf-se                    repo-0

            \installed  \ \2.2.0-fuse-01-00    \ camel-cxf                            repo-0


            when I tried to start the payments-web-service bundle, it shows  the message

            \ 180\ \Active    \ \            \ \Waiting\ \   60\ payments-web-service (0.0.1.SNAPSHOT), after a while, it shows the status "Failed" instead of "Waiting"


            what features or bundles do I have to install. Thanks again.


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              dark cloud Newbie


              I finally got it working. I was referring to incorrect bean-name in

              <osgi:reference> tag in bundle-context-osgi.xml Thanks you so much for your help anyway.

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                gowtam salgar Newbie

                HI, I am not sure if this is the right thread to post it, but I am not able to find the right one.


                Can you please let me know if CXF Camel allows to generate and use a JAX-WS Client on JDK 1.5 environment. If so could you please provide me some pointers for the same if there is any specific configuration that needs to done to accomplish the same.


                I really need our help guys. Please do help out.





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                  Claus Ibsen Master

                  Do you mind posting in the Fuse MR (Camel) forum? Its better to have a new thread when starting a new discussion.