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    Progress Fuse v3.4.0.5 on Z/OS?

    Gary Motts Novice

      Does anyone know if Progress Fuse v3.4.0.5 is able to run on IBM's Z/OS platform as a USS (Unix System Services)?  We've tested it of course on an AIX platform which works well.





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          Jamie Goodyear Newbie

          Hi Gary,


          I have not had the opportunity to try ESB out on a Z-series, so I do not know if it will work directly out of the box with out a little bit of configuration.


          The biggest issue will be that character encoding is not ascii/utf8 based. It will probably work easiest if you set the default char encoding to UTF-8 (there's a system prop for that) and then edit all the config files, scripts, etc on a unix/windows machine and then just transfer in binary mode to the z/OS.


          The next issues will be that our scripts were developed mostly with bash in mind instead of z/os shell or tsch. They may require some minor tweaks, unless you already have bash on your system.


          Finally I know that some of the shell interface key combos are different from what we normally would use.. ex. Ctrl-D on Unix would be Ctrl + function key or some other escape sequence.


          Baring the above in mind we do not have z/OS on our supported platforms list, so there could be more issues that I'm not aware of at the moment.


          I do believe that IBM has a port of bash available:



          Differences from a UNIX or AIX environment to z/OS: