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    Can Fuse ESB support ODE 1.3.4 and it's OSGi based deployment?

    srinivasan chikkala Newbie



      I am interested in using OSGi based deployment feature of the ODE 1.3.4 in Fuse ESB.  I tried to use the snapshot version of the ode 1.3.4 feature but not successful installing it in fuse esb 4.2. 


      Any clue on when Fuse ESB supports ODE 1.3.4 ?


      BTW, after some digging and adding the dependencies in the ode feature configuration file for ODE 1.3.4 snapshot, I was able to install and start the ODE 1.3.4 and its OSGi deployment support in Fuse ESB 4.2, but when I tried to deploy the pingpong ode example that comes with ode 1.3.4, it did not work (lot of exceptions in the server log)