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    Fuse Broker using KahaDB crashes when using NFS

    Suraj Kumar Sathyapal Newbie


      I'm using Fuse Broker 5.3.1-fuse-01-00 with KahaDB as the persistence mechanism on NFS file system. I'm running it with a load of around 100msg/sec. In one of my test scenarios I'm checking the message expiry that is set to 8hrs, now I'm only sending messages to the queue but there is no consumer configured for the queue (testing a scenario where the consumer is down).


      What I've noticed over the past few days that the broker crashes after 8-10 hrs of load. I'm attaching along the log file and my configuration file. I've tested the follwing

      1. KahaDB and NFS -- Crashes

      2. KahaDB and localfile system -- works fine.

      3. amqPersistenceAdapter and NFS -- works fine.


      Please let me know has anyone come across a similar issue or has a fix for it.