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    Example use case questions

    Greg Davidson Newbie

      Use Case:

      Web service provider (this web service routes based on content, then logs to db).


      I think I know at a high level the way to do this, please correct me if I'm wrong.

      1.)  Deploy as OSGI bundle.

      2.)  Use Camel to do the routing.


      I want to use Maven to create project guts (archetype) and build the project (create the OSGI bundle).  At this point I don't need the details specifically, but just trying to understand if the OSGI Spring archetype can be used as a base for any OSGI deployment...camel vs file poller vs ftp.....not sure how to hook all things together and best practice.





      1.)  I know I can use the maven 'spring-osgi-bundle-archetype' archetype....but not sure...where to go after creating this....do I use this for every/any OSGI deployment I want to deploy to fuse?