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    Testing using Pax Exam

    Muhammad Ichsan Newbie

      I've been searching how to test multiple bundle using Apache Camel in OSGi environment of FUSE. But the last problem with Pax Exam I got is:


      java.lang.RuntimeException: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Invalid location spring:file:etc/activemq-broker.xml


      Please see the attached simple example. This is the case:


      Bundle 1 ( socket-gate ): Read from socket, sending to queue as inOut process

      Bundle 2 ( reverse-process ): Read from queue and do the reverse. It keep the message in file before and after reverse.

      Bundle 3 ( reverse-service ): An OSGi service which reverse a message.

      To test, please use study-case


      If using Pax Exam is hard to do, is there any integration testing tool to make it?


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