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    Deploy Fuse ESB 4 to JBoss AS 5.1



      for our task we to deploy Fuse ESB 4 (and all additions like Camel, ActiveMQ, etc) to JBoss AS 5.1 (jdk6). In previous versions exists some JBoss-ServiceMix deployer (JBoss AS 4.0 and ServiceMix 3.3.1) but with java 1.4.


      Please, can you explain how such deployment could be executed? How can we get the *.sar for deployment.



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          Probably, I should clear my needs.

          The requirements are: JBoss AS 5.1, ESB (Fuse ESB was chosen because of the biggest number of implemented components after OpenESB), support JMX,  WS-BPEL Engine, REST, etc.

          So next step is to test a possibility of FuseESB deployment to JBoss AS (the same way as JBoss ESB). Previous deployment of ServiceMix 3.3.1 to JBoss AS 4.0.2 works fine, but, of course, no jdk6 support.

          I tried to deploy Fuse ESB as *.war, but it doesn't work. So I tried to prepare some *.sar, but a lot of new libraries and missing components, so this task looks like impossible with my beginner knowledge about Fuse.


          Can you, please, explain me what should be done that to make possible such deployment? Where can I get more information about how FuseESB could be deployed to other servers? All that I saw is only commercial releases which says that such deployment works.




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            FUSE ESB 4.x is a total new architecture based on OSGi.


            The old deployment as SAR in JBoss is something I doubt is supported out-of-the-box now.


            You may have to ask JBoss when they are going to support OSGi deployments. If so then you should be able to deploy ESB as OSGi bundles in JBoss container.


            Is JBoss a must server to use?

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              Unfortunately, yes. We must use JBoss AS, it is required. I prefer Glassfish & Open ESB, but they doesnt sale support.


              But any way, could you, at least, recommend what should be included to deploy that to avoid possible missing components errors? Some minimal set of  bundles, or libraries?




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                Well FUSE offers enterprise support.



                FUSE ESB 4.x (Apache ServiceMix 4.x) is as said a new architecture based on the OSGi deployment model.


                You may be able to run FUSE ESB / SMX as a .war file in JBoss, but it's not the primary deployment option.


                And on top of that you have to mess with the pesky classloader in JBoss, which can bite back. For example Apache Camel has a special camel-jboss module to run Camel in JBoss. http://camel.apache.org/camel-jboss.html

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                  hi, is this recommended? I am having some issues with mine.

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                    i have the same issuer!


                    drlana, are you find a solution to deploy SMX4 under jboss 5?