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    Fuse 4 in Glassfish

    Alessandro Cangini Newbie



      I use Fuse Esb succesfully (i'm working to an academic project so please forgive my unexperience), i created my integrations and now i have to packaging Fuse as a war file in order to deploy it into an application server (i will use glassfishv3).


      I looked for tutorials or examples and i discovered in another thread like this one i wrote that deploying is unapplicable in another application server (JBoss AS) because  it haven't any OSGi support


      Is this the case for Glassfish too? Is it possibile to deploy FUSE as a war file for Glassfish


      Any help would be greatly appreciated



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          arun.parihar Newbie



          I am also having the same question and I am looking for an answer if the Fuse ESB can be deployed over Glassfish or can be used along with Glassfish in any other way.


          If the Fuse ESB can only be integrated with an Application Server having support for OSGi, then I intend to use Glassgish version3 which supports OSGi bundles.


          Thanks in advance for any help/input