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    Uninstalling a custom feature

    Fernando Salceda Novice

      I have added and installed a custom feature with commands:


      - features:addUrl file:/...

      - features:install MyFeatures


      and with the following features.xml file:






      It worked fine.


      But now I cannot uninstall "MyFeature1" (including MyCommon1, MyValidationTypes and MyValidation-Consumer) with a single command:


      - features:uninstall MyFeature1


      I have to uninstall them one by one.


      Is there any way to uninstall them all with a single command, and if any bundle is required bye another feature it wouldnt be uninstalled.


      In my case, MyCommon is used in others features and I don't want to uninstall it if it is requiered by another one installed.



      I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible.