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    optimistic-locking - modified-strategy - unchanged fields in

    Terry Paterson Newbie

      Using JBoss 3.2.5, "Instance Per Transaction CMP 2.x Container", optimistic-locking, and modified-strategy..

      I have a problem whereby the "modified" field used in the WHERE clause for the UPDATE seems to be wrong (includes fields which have not changed).

      I've setup a little test case which gets a value object from the Company entity, updates the address1 field in the VO then uses the VO to update the entity.

      the setCompanyValue method in the Entity looks like this :

      public void setCompanyValue(CompanyValue vo) {

      when I run my test I get the following in my logs :

      2004-10-08 16:14:10,288 DEBUG [Company] optimistic locking: modified strategy

      16:28:08,597 DEBUG [Company] Executing SQL: UPDATE company SET address1=? WHERE site_id=? AND yard_id=? AND yardname=? AND maincontact=? AND address1=? AND address2=? AND address3=? AND city=? AND state=? AND zip=? AND phone1=? AND phone2=? AND fax=? AND email=? AND yardurl=? AND dealernumber=? AND taxid=? AND taxname1=? AND taxrate1=? AND taxname2=? AND taxrate2=? AND threshold1=? AND threshold2=? AND taxrule1=? AND taxrule2=? AND statementlastrun=? AND statementenddate=? AND version=?

      only the address1 field was updated - and of course this is included in the UPDATE, but the other fields should'nt be included in the WHERE clause,

      anyone know how I can fix this ?