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    FUSE ESB 3.4 + FUSE Mediation Router 2.2?

    John Weathers Newbie

      Is it possible to use FUSE Mediation Router 2.2 with FUSE ESB 3.4? And if it is possible is the result supported when a company purchases a support agreement with Progress?


      My team is currently developing using FUSE ESB 3.4 and yet most documentation refers to Camel 2.x and there are several features of Camel 2.x that we desire that are missing from Camel 1.x.


      I've noticed that the latest versions of Apache ServiceMix (3.3.2) include Camel 2.2.0 and yet the latest versions of FUSE ESB 3.4 still only support Camel 1.6 from over a year ago. Is it planned to update FUSE ESB 3.4 at some point to use Camel 2.2/FUSE Mediation Router 2.2?

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          Gert Vanthienen Novice



          The FUSE ESB 3.4 release series is being kept on Camel 1.x to ensure compatibility for existing customers.


          We are planning to do a FUSE ESB 3.5 release by the end of the month though, which is the FUSE ESB 3.4 container with the 2010 component versions installed on it (Camel 2.x, CXF 2.2.x, ...).  This new version of FUSE ESB will definitely be supported by Progress.