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    Call External Kerberos protected Web Service

    Some Developer Newbie



      is there an easy way to call an external web service that is protected by Kerberos?

      For example a windows like server that hosts some web services protected by Kerberos that need to be called by the ESB (using AD).


      I know spring security 3 integrates some implementation for Kerberos. We are using the fuse 4.2, so this uses spring 2.5.1 and not spring 3.


      Also most articles i can find seem to be implementing a server that protects some resources with Kerberos instead of a client that tries to access these resources.


      Apparently in the JVM there is something like the SASL API, which seems to support the GSS-API for Kerberos implementations, but it just seems a long way from home.


      Has anyone ever tried this?