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    Camel-Spring project

    Curt VanCalster Newbie

      I am having difficulty finding what I am missing in my camel project when I run it in OSGI.(apache-servicemix-4.2.0-fuse-02-00)  My project resolves and runs but does not do anything.  It is a simple Camel Spring project that takes a file from a folder and moves it to another folder.  It works in my ide, but when I move it to OSGI it does nothing.  I see the .camellock file get generated so I know the process is trying to grab the file that is out there in the directory to be picked up.  I am assuming I am missing an import-package in my manifest.mf, but unsure how to figure out which one I am missing if my bundle has resolved and has started.  Any suggestions on how to debug this?


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