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    ESB Team organization process???

    Solomon Nega Newbie



      I am wondering if there is a method/methodology for organizing teams to work on various components of the ESB. I mean I have several components (JBI+ camel) and wanted to devise a method ( activities and roles)  so that a full scale traversal through components can be achieved.



      Please help


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          Ashwin Karpe Newbie

          Hi Solly,


          I am a bit confsed by your question. I assume you have undertaken a project that utilizes several (JBI+Camel) components.


          Typically, it is preferable to have team members be assigned to different user stories (if you use Scrum/Agile Methodologies) or use cases in case of other development models. This would of course mean tem members would be expected to understand the components that they need to fulfill the requirements o the user story or use-case.


          Please let me know if I understand your need correctly.





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            Solomon Nega Newbie

            Thanks Ashwin,


            What I have is an integration problem that span a number of integration units. I used ESB as integration solution as I stated earlier.


            I need to assign teams to work on the new solution (ESB) , a kind of team integration to the ESB components. Teams that are involved are for instance- development, business, operation and messaging teams. These teams might overlap on their responsibilities on some of the components.


            So my question is, is there a methodology that will enable me to do integration ( integration from human resource point of view) in ESB ? 


            In my case a use case might be broken down to a number of ESB components and might not be a responsibility of a single team. Rather, teams cooperate together to arrive at the use case goal.




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