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    Sending a JMS Message via Stomp to JSON client

    Jan Douwe Vonk Newbie



      From Openedge I am posting a JMS Message to a queue called "sampleQ1". I am using the Stomp protocol. The body of the JMS message contains a JSON formatted dataset. From within Openedge I use the WRITE-JSON() method to create a JSON string from a dataset.


      I use FUSE Message broker 5.4.0 out of the box with only the Stomp connector enabled on port 61613


      With my RESTful JSON clients I want to pick up the message. But the message does not arrive in my webbrowser the right way (at least the way I expect it).

      If I use http://localhost:8161/demo/message/sampleQ1?readTimeout=10000&type=queue to retreive the message it is not shown the proper way.


      I compare it to the Twitter JSON Api output at http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/public_timeline.json

      That call to Twitter shows the output in a webbrowser (Safari) or downloads the .json file (Firefox)


      I want the same result from ActiveMQ ... and I pressume that the 'Content-Type' is not set correct. On Twitter the Content-Type = 'application/json'.


      Adding a header 'Content-Type' from Openedge or via a Camel route, doesn't work.


      Any ideas?


      Jan Douwe Vonk