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    Help: Subscribers stop receiving messages

    Peter Chandler Master

      ActiveMQ configuration issue:


      1.     Have a topic ?foo? on Host-A (ActiveMQ Broker)

      2.     Host-B connect to Host-A and start sending messages to topic ?foo? (continuously).

      3.     Host-X, Host-Y, and Host-Z connect to Host-A and subscribe to ?foo? and start receiving messages

      4.     Host-X is disconnected from Host-A (not graceful, pullout the network cable)

      5.     Host-Y, and Host-Z stop receiving messages.


      Host-B  --sends-->    Host-A(topic "foo")   <--subscribes--   Host-Y & Host-X &  Host-Z                                        


      Question: How do I make Host-Y, and Host-Z continue to receive messages? Are there some options/parameters I need to set so that the broker continue to deliver messages when one of the subscribers die?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Peter Chandler Master

          If you lower the value of "maxInactivityDuration = 1000" then ActiveMQ figures out faster thata one of the connections is dead and resumes delivery to the others.


          maxInactivityDuration default is 30000. The maximum inactivity duration (before which the socket is considered dead) in milliseconds. On some platforms it can take a long time for a socket to appear to die, so we allow the broker to kill connections if they are inactive for a period of time. Use by some transports to enable a keep alive heart beat feature. Set to a value <= 0 to disable inactivity.