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    Load balancing in brokers network

    Andii Andii Newbie



      I have Fuse 4.2 with three instances created (node1, node2 and node3). I configured network of brokers for these instances - brokers addresses were specified in  configurations of activemq for each instance (activemq.xml placed in container etc/ directory) using static addresses declaration.

      For example node1 broker address is tcp://localhost:61626 and in this broker configuration in network connectors section node2 and node3 brokers addresses are set in following way:




      When I run this example I see that all messages from node1 (where Producer is deployed) are processed only by one consumer (for example node3).

      Is there any way to configure load balancing in brokers network or flows ? I expect that consumers deployed on node2 and node3 are both processing messages (for example 10 would be processed by consumer on node2 and 10 by consumer on node3).


      I try use conduitSubscriptions="false" option in networkConnector element and use jms.prefetchPolicy.all=1 option in broker address in flow but both these options doesn't help.


      Thanks in advance