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    CXF jaxrs example

    kevin limperos Newbie



      I followed the advice in the ServiceMix 4.2.0's CXF JAXRS example README and was able to change the servlet path by setting the org.apache.cxf.servlet.context property in org.apache.cxf.osgi.cfg.


      However, I also want to change the default port from 8181.

      The proposed remedy I found was to alter the /etc/system.properties file, as shown:


      \# Default port for the OSGI HTTP Service



      After restarting the server and reinstalling the example, the server is still listening on port 8181.


      After searching through documentation for a few hours, I have not found any further information on changing the port. Any ideas would be appreciated.


      Thank you.


      Kevin Limperos