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    can't get "enrich" to work

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      I just started playing with this stuff and I'm trying to duplicate some legacy functionality.


      We have a system which exports xml files via ftp and when a file is complete it creates another file with the same name but a .mrk extension.


      So it seems to me that I could have a file consumer filtered on the mrk file and then enrich it with the xml file. Without the pollEnrich I can get the mrk file copied to the output but with the pollEnrich nothing happens. Using the latest windows binaries.


      Here is the xml for my route:



          <pollEnrich timeout="0" uri="file://D:\Downloads?fileName=$.xml" inheritErrorHandler="true" id="enrich2"/>



      I get a java exception saying Camel doesn't currently support pollEnrich where both consumers are files.


      Any ideas about alternative approaches?




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