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    Flexible camel route configuration

    Thomas Guenter Newbie



      I'm wondering if there is a possibility to make the configuration of camel routes a bit more flexible.


      In my SMX 4.3 application I have some camel routes defined which are triggered by a Quartz endpoint. For test purposes it would be really usefull to change the cron expression of the endpoint on the fly and get it changed by restarting the application. However, the route context file is located inside a bundle and therefore there is no chance to change this setting on the file system and I have to deploy a new version of the application for every route change.


      Is there a way of forcing spring to scan an external folder for context files? I know that this would be possible in an ordinary application by adding the external folder to the classpath and storing the context in /META-INF/spring. However, in an OSGI container this seems to be a bit more tricky.


      Are there any ways of achieving the goal?


      Thanks in advance,