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    Embedded Jetty reconfiguration through bundle context




      I need to serve static files through the embedded Jetty server instanciated when exposing CXF web services, because this services will be consumed by a Silverlight client which imposes a clientaccesspolicy.xml file to be served at the root of the service domain (in my case http://localhost:8181/clientaccesspolicy.xml)


      Restarting from cxf-osgi example from Fuse and after some search on google/this forum, I found a way to do that from my bundle context.




      In my case "static" is the directory where I put my clientaccesspolicy.xml file and I want it to be served at http://localhost:8181/clientaccesspolicy.xml.


      Unfortunately I can make this work, is the someone who managed to do that ?


      Thanks a lot in advance for your help.