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    AMQ#2455  problem still persists with weblogic/activeMQ bridge for 5.4

    valerie choy Newbie

      Hi there


      I have a bridge configured at activeMQ to connect to weblogic 10.3.3. Inbound/outbound msgs flow well until I shutdown my weblogic server. When weblogic server restarts, activeMQ inbound flow does not recover (ie. msgs sent from weblogic are not received at the activeMQ side).

      This is very similar to AMQ#2455 problem which is supposedly to be fixed for activeMQ 5.4.

      So I download and use activeMQ 5.4 instead, but the problem still persists. I also notice that starting activeMQ while weblogic server is down exhibits the same problems.


      Does anyone encounter the same problem and have some suggestion ?


      I am attaching both activeMQ 5.3 and 5.4 config file.


      Thanks a lot