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    cannot get xsl:include to work cross bundles

    aarong Newbie

      Using 4.3-02


      I have 2 bundles, both containing XSLTs in a package structure. Both bundles import & export their respective packages.


      Bundle 1:

      src/main/resources:  com.me.common


      Bundle 2:

      src/main/resources:  com.me.xslt


      The xslts in Bundle 2 do a <xsl:include href="../common/test.xsl"/>


      I have a 3rd camel router bundle, that calls an xslt from bundle 2, and I have a tFractory setup to use net.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl (I have some XSLT 2.0 stuff I need).  Also, obviously camel-saxon feature is installed.


      this issues is, when I start the router, it fails with the error (like):  cannot find xsl:include in com/me/common/text.xsl


      So, does import/include work in Camel 2.4?  I thought they did, at least according to the Component docs.  And if so, can it do it across bundles?


      Am I missing anything?