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    jaxrs cxf...shutdown->startup not working

    Shilpi Yadav Novice

      Hello, I've set up a jaxrs bean and have something like this in my springbeans file:




      In my KmlTService I have a couple of very simple GET's.  So when i start my feature for the first time, I can do the GET off a browser successfully.  But, once I shutdown the feature and restart and do the same pull I get a ...

      16:14:55,784 | WARN  | 42@qtp-6928420-0 | JAXRSInInterceptor               | s.interceptor.JAXRSInInterceptor  146 | No root resource matching request path /cxf/kml/kml/network/10 has been found.

      16:14:55,800 | WARN  | 42@qtp-6928420-0 | WebApplicationExceptionMapper    | pl.WebApplicationExceptionMapper   52 | WebApplicationException has been caught : no cause is available


      ..and the GET doesn't work.



      However, if i delete all the cached bundles and restart the feature it will work again, which makes me believe my jaxrs server is saving some sort of persistence??