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    Custom/User Camel Compenent & auto-discovery feature & OSGi.

    Peter Chandler Master

      I use the auto-discovery feature of Camel as follows:


      1. I have created a custom Camel Component "foo"

      2. In order to use component "foo" without defining it as a bean. I create file foo in META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/component/foo.

      3. The contents of the foo file is:



      The above works great "standalone" (i.e., run out of a JVM). However, then I run in FUSE ESB (OSGi Bundle) "foo" class not found? Question: How do I implement Camel auto-discovery in the FUSE ESB? What am I missing? Do  I need to add directory "META-INF/services" to the Bundle-ClassPath?


      Thanks in advance,