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    Building a simple camel route : from JMS to invoking external WS

    Alexandre Fruchaud Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I am really new to Fuse. I'm trying to discover all it's potential and functionnalities. I'm really interested in understanding the Camel routes.


      I have a very simple example that I'ld like to put in practice. I don't get any error, but I'm not sure how to "conceive" that example. I tried most of the examples that were proposed in the fuse folder ; it of course helped me to get more info but I'm still hesitating.


      Ok here is the thing. My device should be in 3 parts. First, my JMS broker (activeMQ) receives a message from an external JMS client. Then, this message is transformed by a java class. Ok, I know how to do this.

      Now comes the harder part. I have a little java app that connects to my WS provider, which is an external software (alfresco). I want to put that little java app in Fuse, and to transmit to it the message as a parameter, in order to invoke the WS of alfresco with the message that I received in my JMS broker.


      I first imagined some sample of routes such as :



      but then, I don't know. Do I have to use the NMR ? I'm not sure how exactly this should work.


      To be honest, I'm not even sure how I should implement the WS client in Fuse. As I understood reading the documentation, it should be a cxf component shouldn't it ?


      I would appreciate little help from you. So far I tried to understand it reading the doc etc but I haven't just managed to pull it out yet.


      Thank you very much,