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    Configuring Bundle Fragments and CXF/Jetty in FUSE 4.3

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      As per Freeman's blog entry below, might anyone have an example, or some directions that show both configuring a bundle fragment and attaching the fragment to the CXF bundle? How does one provide the necessary configuration files/properties/data to set different CXF/Jetty threadpool values in that fragment?


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      From Freeman's blog:


      "there's an issue for using busCfg in Apache Servicemix[1]4.x or FuseSource[2] ESB 4.x which is based on an OSGi core container. In OSGi world, it use a very different classloader machenism with the old hierarchical one, so that the the busCfg file in customer cxfbc endpoint bundle isn't available for pre-installed cxf bundle. The way to use busCfg in SMX4 is that create a fragment bundle including the busCfg file, and attach it to cxf bundle, here cxf bundle play the role as host bundle and all resource in fragment bundle is available for host bundle. Actually we can encounter similar issue often in OSGi world, if the api is passing a configuration file, we can see the same problem, the bundle host the api code can't load the resource from the customer bundle which use the api."