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    Including external JAR in a project

    Alexandre Fruchaud Newbie

      Hello fellow Java programmers friends,


      I have a few questions for you. I am currently working with Fuse and I'm still discovering the basics. I'm trying to exploit its functionnalities.


      I worked a bit with the provided sample "camel-nmr". I used it and I extended it a bit, naming it "camel-nmr2". I played a little with the message transformation, it worked all fine. And then, what I wanted to do was to include an external library (in this case, the Apache AXIS library) in the project. So, I included my dependency in the POM (with scope provided) and I included a single file that inherited from an object of that dependency (an exception which was inheriting from org.apache.axis).


      I included my exception in the sources... and then it doesn't work. I tried to include the same exception, inheriting from Exception, and then it worked. Maven correctly downloaded all of the axis library (1.4) but my JAR file, once deployed, just had no result. Some stuff was supposed to be output on the console but nothing happenned.


      Do you have any clue why it didn't work ?

      The thing is, I noticed an external lib is also included in the project (the commons-logging lib) and it worked perfectly fine with it all the time.

      What did I do wrong here ?!