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    admin:create doesn't create a direct copy of parent in  Fuse ESB 4.3.0

    Aukjan van Belkum Newbie



      In Fuse ESB 4.3.0-fuse-02-00, the admin:create console command does not behave as described in the manual. The manual (http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.3/esb_runtime/ESBRuntimeChild.html) states:



      admin:create causes the runtime to create a new runtime installation in the active runtime's instances/instanceName directory. The new instance is a direct copy of its parent. The only difference between parent and child is the port number they listen on. The child instance is assigned an SSH port number based on an incremental count starting at 8101



      But when I create a new instance in the console (admin:create foo), none of my custom configurations, and any of the 'fuse' configurations from the 'etc' directory are copied to the 'etc' directory of the new instance.


      Is this the expected behavior? or should this be considered a bug?


         - Aukjan