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    Http SOAP request to a JMS queue via Fuse4 ESB

    nbaliga Newbie


      I'm trying to route a Web service call via the ESB to a JMS queue.


      So, I have an <http:endpoint> with soap=true.


      I also have a <jms:soap-provider> configured.


      Is this all that is required? Does the same WSDL hold good for both these binding components?


      I have a separate issue logged for a weird NoClassDefFoundError that I'm seeing when I try to use <jms:soap-provider> or <jms:soap-consumer> and I'm not trying to add multiple posts for the same issue.


      I am hoping that the answer to this particular question will help me get an overall understanding of how to go about implementing this requirement and whether my approach above is correct.


      Can anyone maybe point me to an example where this has been implemented?


      Any answers will be appreciated.