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    Compatiability issue between RoutingSlip and ActiveMQ inOut????

    Joney Chow Newbie

      First of all, before my question, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

      Hope some experts could still reading this while enjoying Christmas.



      I am having an issue with routingSlip and activeMq. When I having an activeMq in the list of endpoints for routingSlip. The return message from activemq failed to process and camel complains "ExchangeTimedOutException: The OUT message was not received within: 20000 millis"








           .bean(DocumentTransform.class, "mapping");


      The transformed output from "activemq:abc" is not returning to the main route and failed to pass on to "activemq:def".



      I tried to modify my main route into the following:






      The output can returned from my DocumentTransform bean to activemq:def.


      Could someone confirm me routingSlip and activeMQ inOut are not compatible?

      Or did i do something stupid?


      If they are not compatible, is there any work-around or solution?


      Thanks a lot for any suggestion