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    Smart routing from central ESB node to remote ESBs

    Vasily Scherbenko Newbie



      I have an interesting problem,

      I am trying to figure out how to implement the following architecture.

      We have central server with FuseESB 4.3 running and some services attached.

      We have partners that generally remote hosts (over public network) that also have FuseESB instance running. We want to exchange some data with them (duplex mode), but do not want them to allow to access all our internal services.

      I've found this on remote secure activeMQ links between brokers


      But the question is what to do with endpoints?

      How to define what services should be accessable by remotes?

      Does ServiceMix internally wraps calls to services by JMS to bridge them to remote instance or we should explicitly expose jms endpoint with specified queue name?