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    How do I invoke the WebService out of FUSE? it says no service,no endpoint

    feng chen Newbie

      I want to invoke the other system's webservice(http://localhost:8080/webservice_su/services/helloWorld) in servicemix using camel.

      and I did as follows:

      1. I use cxf-bc to bind the webservice just like this :

      first: I saved the webservice's wsdl and changed the wsdl:service

      <wsdl:service name="MsgInfoImplService">

        <wsdl:port binding="tns:MsgInfoImplServiceSoapBinding" name="MsgInfoImplPort11">


          location="[http://localhost:8193/helloWorld]" />



      second:In the xbean.xml I defined the comsumer and the provider


      <cxfbc:consumer wsdl="classpath:person.wsdl"










               service="person:MsgInfoImplService" endpoint="MsgInfoImplPort"/> 


      And It works,I can use http://localhost:8193/helloWorld invoke http://localhost:8080/webservice_su/services/helloWorld?wsdl .


      2. In the camel-su ,I worte as follows:



      It delolyed well,but when it works,always say:

      no service,no endpoint or no interfacename


      please help me,tks,my fuse is 4.2